Thank You Silent Media
A poster designed to point out the boundaries of journalism and new media. Can we say what we want to say, and can we share what we want to share? Digital documents that are classified as 'confidential' or as 'secret' are not that private anymore in our contemporary society.

Thank You, Silent Media has been donated to the Silent Poster Sale at St. Brides, London. The Silent Poster Sale is a collaboration between St Bride Foundation and BA Graphic Design students from CSM to fundraise both for the Library of St. Brides and the 2012 Graphic Design Degree Show. For an overview of all the participating designers and submitted posters, please visit the Silent Poster Sale blog.

The poster is designed in collaboration with two Dutch graphic designers, Esmée Steur and Annouck Welhuis.

Size: 420 × 594 mm
Copies: 3