Niet Geschoten, Altijd Mis
Flyer for the exhibition Niet Geschoten, Altijd Mis ('Not Shot, Nothing Gained'). Documentary maker Els Dinnissen made between 2004 and 2009 four movies about four visual artists: Rob Terwindt, Christina van Lokven, Jan Mellema / De Zondagse Kamer and Ingrid Oostendorp.
The movies were shown at the exhibition, together with the work of the four artists. The exhibition is held on the boat 'De Zeester', at the Waalkade in Nijmegen.

For the design I selected a still from the movie ‘Ganzenwicht’, that Els Dinnisen made about artist Christina Lokven. The use of this particular image (a still of the Waal in Nijmegen) gives immediately a reference of were the exhibition is held.