Stain - here and now
Masterclass stencil printing a magazine
Extrapool & DUF

Stain is a magazine made in collaboration with twelve artists (designers, illustrators, photographers and other creative professions). It is the result of a Masterclass in stencil printing at the OK-Festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The title, Stain, refers to the printing proces: stencil print will never dry.
The overall concept of Stain was Here and Now. Besides that each artist had to choose a card with a word and an illustration. My word was Trash. From here I started working on my spreads. The first page is about Trash & Overconsumption, which refers to Now, as it is a ‘Sign of the Time’ (just as a magazine is a ‘Sign of the Time’). For the spread I decided to google images of trash, and separate the images from the information. For my last page I used Here literally: I photographed the Witte Villa, where the Masterclass was held, and placed with that photo the address and some information about the location.
Each artist produced two spreads: front page, spread, back page. The connecting pages are made by Sander van Loon and Quirine Reijman. For the cover we decided to use all different stencil print sketches, which were used to experiment with our designs.

Paper: Focus book
Size: 19.5 x 27.5 cm
Copies: 130