Atelier Tipografic NL/RO
During my internship with Piet Gerards Ontwerpers in 2007, we worked on the project Atelier Tipografic. I helped organizing and designing the project.

Atelier Tipografic Netherlands/Romania is an exchange programme between 12 graphic design students: six Dutch and six Romanian students. The project was held in november 2007. During a week the students worked together in groups of two on an assignment: choose a graphic design from the book 'Nederlands Grafisch Ontwerp', from Alston Purvis and Cees de Jong, and turn it into a modern current design. The students also visited exhibitions (such as Golden Age: Highlights of Ducht Graphic Design (1890 - 1990) and The Favourits), lectures and made excursions.

Part of the Atelier Tipografic project was the exposition The Favourits. For this exposition were 25 Dutch (typo)Graphic designers chosen. Each designer had to choose their own favourite design and explained their choice. For this exposition I designed a film about these 25 great designers. I visited the 25 designers and photographed them in their studio together with their favourite design.

Piet Gerards Ontwerpers website.