Graduation Project
Designed Choreography

Since I am four years old I practice classic and modern ballet. After an accident in 2006 I could not dance for 6 months. During these months I discovered that dancing means more to me then I thought. Dancing, graphic design and typeface design are a huge part of my life, and I could not live without it.
In this research project I combined my passions: Graphic Design, Typeface Design and Ballet. For this project I analyzed one of my favourit ballets: Equilibrium, made by Patrick Delcroix in 2005 and danced by Introdans. This dance is full of balance; soft and sharp, modest and upbeat, lines and frameworks. I analyzed the most important elements of the dance, and turned it into a graphic score.
Elements such as female/male dancers, direction body, direction focus, direction of the legs, where are the dancers placed on the stage, light design, slow or fast movements. These elements find their identity with words such as: Fast / Slow / Up / Down / Alone / Together.
These elements are turned into a graphic score. This graphic score comes to display in a movie of three minutes. The design of the film arises by my fascination for coding and the program MS Dos. For the film I re-designed an Ascii-Art typeface. At first sight it is illegible, but with the small booklet and explanation it becomes readable. During the film the elements change, for example, from slow to fast. For these changes I created animated transitions.

Year: 2008